Girl Scout Troop #987 visited Comfort House Child Advocacy Center on Friday, March 15 to deliver hand-made blankets. These blankets were created as part of the Silver Award Project for troop member Lily Pavey. 

Lily and the other members of Troop #987 held a blanket-making party where they created fleece blankets that will be given to children who visit Comfort House for forensic interviews. Other troop members include: Vicki Moorman, Daisy Pitman, Chloe Burnhart, Kyla Bowles, and Erica Ballew. 

Thank you Lily and the other members of Troop #987 for creating these beautiful blankets for us!    


Comfort House was pleased to welcome Representative Trey Hollingsworth to our center on March 1st!

Executive Director, Donna Lloyd, and Board of Directors' President, Angela Byrne, met with Representative Hollingsworth and were able to share information about the programs and services offered by Comfort House.



Did you know that 1 out of every 10 children is sexually abused before their 18th birthday? And that 90% of those children are abused by someone they know and trust (including family members)?


Do you want to learn ways that YOU can help prevent the children you know from being sexually abused? If so, sign up for our Stewards of Children training. Call us at (812) 225-5437 or visit the Stewards of Children tab to learn more about this training.